Water Softener Filter

Water Softener Filter
Water Softener Filter

Our Water Softener Filter Whole house water filtration systems offers the most comprehensive filtration option. It provides clean, filtered water from every single water-source in a home. Further, contaminants like chlorine and lead are removed. It does this as soon as they enter a home’s plumbing system via property line. This type of system not only provides filtered water for drinking and cooking, but also clean water for bathing.

Competent and superior

The Water Softener Filter is an easy-to-use system that is part of Pelican Water’s Combo Series. This system works to filter water while also taking care of hard scale build-up and preventing future build-up. Pelican Water is the market leader in water softener alternative systems. Tthis is the only water softener alternative certified 99.6% effective.

The Pelican Combo Series combines the benefits of two products. Further, they are the Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Water Filter and the Pelican NaturSoft® Water Softener Alternative. This gives you better than bottled-water quality from every tap. Start enjoying great tasting water. Further, softer skin and hair all while stopping the negative effects of hard water scale build up in it tracks. Additionally, the Pelican Combo Series requires virtually no maintenance and does not waste water or use any electricity.

VIAINs Water Softener Filter provides the new standard in home filtration and water softener alternative products. It proves performance, quality and innovation. These are the reasons so many families across the world enjoy Pelican Water Systems. Today’s water supply is increasingly contaminated with each passing day. Accordingly, conservation of our fresh water supply has never been so important. It’s time to see and feel the Pelican Difference for yourself!

Valuable and beneficial

If you want healthier, delicious drinking and cooking water and water that gives you a spa-like shower experience, then our Water Softener Alternative is the perfect system for you. You’ll truly appreciate all the benefits a combination filtering and water softener alternative system provides.