Shower Softener

Shower Softener

Our Shower Softener system is a patented 2-stage shower filter system that changes ordinary, polluted tap water into pure, pH balanced water. The anti synthetic-chemicals design also fights toxic heavy metals, while the system delivers the purest form of spring water. Indeed, results are softer hair and skin, hair color that lasts longer, gloss and shine.

Importantly, this product was marketed more as a beauty/cosmetic product than a water softener; It costs a little more, but the results are worth it. There’s a delightful feel to hair and skin once you use this system; you can forget about the winter itches and rashes that are so prevalent with shower users.

Interestingly, a great deal of literature lauds the advantages of pH balance in the water you use when you bathe and shower with our Shower Softener. In fact, You will find that your hair color lasts longer and stays true to its hue with less brass as you use this system.

Best suited for – customers who want a premium shower-head water softener that not only softens water, but balances the PH level to leave your skin and hair feeling smooth.

To illustrate this, the small shower head with filter will replace your existing shower head. Accordingly, remove existing showerhead, add a bit of plumbing tape (included in the package), and screw Paragon integrated Shower Filter onto the water line with your hands. Indeed, no tools are required, anybody can have a crystal clean, chlorine-free shower water in minutes!

The Massaging Shower-head comes with a chrome finish and includes 5-spray settings: full body spray, soft rain spray, invigorating pulse spray, full body spray/rain combination, and a full body spray/pulse combination. The rubber spray nozzles are equipped with an anti-clog feature.

Designed for you

Anyone who has ever swum in a chlorinated pool realizes how harsh is chlorine on your skin and hair. What most people don’t know is that typically there’s as much or more chlorine in tap or shower water than there is in the pool. Chlorine strips natural protective oils from skin, causing excess dryness, and sometimes redness and itching. Free chlorine also evaporates and you breath it in the shower.