Shower Head Softener


Give yourself a healthy body with every shower using our unique VIAINs Shower Head Softener
The filtered shower head is a powerful shower filtration system for your bathroom, designed to reduce up to 99.9% of residual chlorine, fluoride, as well as dissolved minerals, sediments and heavy metals present in hard water such as chrome, calcium, iron, and chloramines. PureAction shower head filter for hard water softens your water, dramatically improves your hair, skin, nails condition as well as prevents skin dryness and hair loss. After the very first shower, you will notice that the water feels softer and shampoo lather up better. The shower filter made of abs plastic and 3 parts – ionic cartridge, filter sponge, and calcium sulfite ceramic stones.

Extra features of Shower Head Softener

Moreover, our Shower Head Softener’s design filters hard water and remove chlorine and other harmful substances. Importantly, a shower-head’s premium metal make houses an internal filter cartridge, which adds vitamin C and E to your water. The shower head filters your water to reduce chlorine, heavy metals, rust, and other sediments. Also, the shower head is extremely easy to install, and its design fits standard shower types, such as, rainfall, wall-mounted, and handheld showers.

Greater comfort!

This is for you if you wish to avoid the crude discomfort when you walk out of a shower. You should certainly consider investing in the VIAIN Aquas Filtered Shower Head System. Further, this gives you the best and safe experience. Additionally, this features 15 stage shower filters and a ball-joint design. Moreover, its high-quality chrome-plated ABS make, provides a sleek aesthetic. The head is easy to install and pairs best with Universal ½ inch connections and includes step-by-step instructions. The FEELSO Filtered Showerhead removes chlorine, impurities, and heavy metals, such as lead and mercury. Studies have shown that investing in a higher-quality showerhead improves eczema and reduces dry skin.