Best Water Softner


We present to you the Best Water Softner from VIAIN Aqua. Importantly, this unit will reduce the hardness of the water in addition to removing small amounts of iron. Additionally, you can connect it to a more extensive system that includes special filters to achieve the healthiest state of your water. The softener is compatible with both well and city water. Moreover, if you are not sure whether your water needs this unit, you can do some hardness test with a water test kit.


Once you know the hardness, you insert the numbers in the program, and it will know how many gallons it can treat. Additionally, installation is relatively easy even for non-professionals. To illustrate, the instructions on programming are straightforward and understandable. Accordingly, you can install the device outside with the control valve being water-proof. However, you will also need a separate electrical cover for the electrical connection. Moreover, the system recharges automatically, and it drains out the discharge line. Also, it uses 40-50 gallons of water per recharge. Initially, you can start with three bags of salt.


The softener will recharge about every three weeks so it can be anticipated that you will need to refill the tank in four or five months. This model softener can adequately serve a family of four. This is rated as the Best Water Softner by thousands of customers.


This water softener has deserved the right to line up with high-quality products. It is compact, practical and with a reliable body. And two of its characteristics make it stand out from the others in the class. First, it is salt-free, which means no resin and cubic feet calculation. And second – it is waterproof and can be installed anywhere outside as long as it doesn’t freeze. Nice features are also the BPA-free plastic body and the completely replaceable media. It also comes with а mounting bracket in the box. The functionality of the product is reasonable and you cannot expect a lot of issues with it. As for the softness of your water – it will completely remove calcium carbonate and reduce limescale.